Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fundraising Testimonial - Rotary Club in Virginia

The Staunton Rotary Club has been using the Mickman Fundraising Program as our primary fundraiser for the past three years.  Our club, which numbers 96 members, has an average age of 68; trust me, many of these men and women don’t want to sell hot dogs or wrapping paper or solicit donations from friends and neighbors.

But Christmas wreaths? And trees, and centerpieces, and products that we can ship to our friends and families far away?  We can do this!  And boy, have we!  The first year we sold JUST wreaths, and in 17 days sold more than 200!  The second year we added the sprays, trees and centerpieces as well as the gift products, and we sold 420 products.  Last year we really emphasized the gift products, and we sold almost 500 products!

For 2014 we hope to increase by another 20%; we’ll provide our members with a “digital” catalog that they can send to their friends and families, particularly to increase the sale of our gift products.

Staunton Rotary Club
The funds raised by our sales are contributed right back to our community:  last year we bought more than 500 dictionaries for students in our school system and gave $6000 in grants to other community organizations.  This year we’re helping to build a water garden and greenhouse project at a local school for the students to use in their science education.

Mickman’s Holiday Fundraiser is a WONDERFUL project, perfect for any size (or age!) organization.  We’ll never stop using Mickman to help us reach our goals!  Thank you, Mickman Brothers, and all your wonderful employees.  You ROCK!

Lee B.
Wreath Fundraiser Committee Chairman

Staunton Rotary Club

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fundraising Testimonial - Boy Scout Troop in AZ

It is September 1, 2013 and the high today in Phoenix is forecast to be 105 degrees, not exactly the type of weather that evokes Christmas.  But members of Boy Scout Troop 379 – and our repeat customers -  are already asking when we will begin taking orders for Christmas wreaths and decorations.  Most Arizona residents either migrated here or have family ties to colder parts of the country.  Having a Mickman wreath or centerpiece in the house for the holidays evokes childhood memories.  We aren’t just selling wreaths, we’re selling nostalgia and tradition.
Troop 379 at a summer camp in California!

Over the past several years, our Scouts have earned more than $15,000 to help defray the costs of summer camp in places like Seattle, Connecticut and California; high-adventure trips to hike the Grand Canyon and canoe the Colorado River; and cover the costs of Troop dues and other related expenses.  This is one of the simplest and most successful fundraisers available.  Troop 379 and Arizona love Mickman Brothers!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Fundraising Testimonial - Boy Scout Troop

SUMMER FUN in San Diego and CHRISTMAS WREATHS wouldn't normally be found  in the same paragraph, but our experience fundraising with Mickman's Wreaths has made it happen.

This was our FIRST YEAR selling Christmas wreaths for our boy scout troop in Arizona. We wanted to pick a reputable company that would maximize money coming in to our fundraiser.  Mickman came in #1 as our choice.  They had the best reviews online and spelled everything out in detail with a timeline, prices, selling tips, sample wreath, and a spreadsheet. Love the spreadsheet!  It itemized earnings per item per boy of what was sold.  This made it easy for us, because whatever earnings each boy sold, he got to keep to use for his summer camp.  (Tell you more about that soon.)

Both representatives that I talked to (SUSAN AND CAROL) were so nice and helpful.  Everything went off without a problem.  Wreaths came in and were distributed.   Ok, there was one problem... When other people saw how awesome the wreaths, living trees, and candle centerpieces were as we were delivering to those who ordered them, they wanted some too.   We had a few extras, but we could have sold more.  We know we are going to have a bigger and better year coming up.

BACK TO SUMMER CAMP . . . . Yes, the boys used the money they earned toward Camp Fiesta Boy Scout Camp in San Diego the first week of July.  They had  unforgettable experiences, such as swimming in the ocean, learning to kayak, run a motorboat, sail a small sailboat, to learning about ocean life.  They even got to hold a jellyfish (non-poisonous of course).   Because their camp was so close to Sea World, they took a day trip there and  were dazzled with fireworks every night from camp.  The most amazing fireworks they saw was on our nation's birthday.  Multiple light displays across the bays lit up the sky.  What a great way to CELEBRATE!

THANK YOU MICKMAN for a successful fundraiser!   Can't wait to do it all over again this year.

Laurie L.
AZ Grand Canyon Council Boy Scout Troop