Thursday, August 25, 2011

2011 Group Spotlight Winner - New York Cub Scout Pack - Holiday Fundraiser

Congratulations to our 2011 Group Spotlight Winner, New York Cub Scout Pack 173!

Testimonial submitted by Regina M, chairperson of Cub Scout Pack 173:
"Dear Mickman Brothers,

Pack 173 has been associated with Mickman Brothers for the past 3 years.  We read your advertisment in the Scouting magazine and were instantly taken with your affinity for Scouting Organizations.  In the fall of 2008, we contacted you and began working with Susan, one of your account managers, who is just delightful.  Right from the beginning, she explained the easiness of working with you, the sample products, explained the types of programs, and was available for any questions we may have had. 

Our first year we kept it small and made a profit of $700.  The second year, we advertised more aggressively and doubled our profit - $1500!  But it was the return customers, that were actually looking for us as early as September, that was amazing.  This past year, with as many repeat customers and more exposure, we made approximately $2300 profit! 

Pack 173 at a fundraising event!
There is no denying that your wreaths are beautiful and many customers tell us they still have their wreaths up until the beginning of March and they look as great as the day they got them!  The cub scouts and leaders are out there in October selling the wreaths at masses, using your beautiful sample wreaths, in addition to packback meetings at the school and setting up a table at our school/parish craft fair.

On the day of distributions, as you can well imagine, it's all hands on deck and this had now become our largest fundraiser for the Pack.  Additionally, we referred your products to another school in the area who on their first year beat our best year's profits!

With this money (made from the Holiday Fundraiser), our dens are able to fund many activities for our cub scouts - from crafts to trips and a year end carnival!  We so appreciate our relationship with Mickman Brothers and are looking forward to another successful year! 

Regina M
Boy Scouts of America Pack 173"

Thank you, Regina and Cub Scout Pack 173, for choosing Mickman Brothers Holiday Wreath Fundraiser for the past 3 years!  We wish you continued success and look forward to working with you during the upcoming fundraising season!

The First Christmas Wreath - Mickman Brothers Holiday Fundraiser

So, as my Grandma told the story to me many, many years ago, this is how our family business was borne.

"When I was a young girl in Norge (Norway) back in the late 1800's my mother used to make a wreath each year from evergreens we children would gather from the forest alongside the fjord on which we lived.  It wouldn't take many boughs, and I liked gatheing them.  When I was older, my mother showed me how to make the wreath that we would display on the door of our small cottage each year.  Ours was a tough life and all of my brothers eventually died at sea, as either fisherman or merchant sailors. 

After I met your Grandpa in England in WWI, we moved to America and, because the people in New York told us there were many Norwegians living in Minnesota, we moved to St. Paul.  Our small family had a hard 'go of it' during the Great Depression as did all of our friends.  However, each Christmas I loved making a nice wreath and hanging it on our front door; as it always reminded me of my own mother so many years before.

One year when your father (John Victor Mickman) was about 12 years old, he came home from school and saw my nice wreath on the front door.  He wanted to buy a Christmas present for me, and had an idea that maybe he could sell that wreath down the street to someone.  Well , that is just what he did.  He walked down Summit Avenue where all the rich people lived, until someone purchased his wreath.  (My dad said it was James J. Hill's daughter, founders of the Great Northern Railroad, that purchased this first wreath.)

With his newly earned money, your dad went to a store and purchased a lovely set of porcelain figurines - the set that I have on my bedroom bureau.  The sales clerk was kind enough to wrap this gift for your dad, and he came home and presented it to me.  Well, I knew your dad didn't have ANY money and I pinched his ear until he told me how he got the money to pay for the present.  He finally confessed that he had taken our wreath off of the front door and sold it down on Summit Ave.  I couldn't imagine that anyone would want to pay money for such a thing, and asked your dad if he thought he could sell any more.  He said he thought he could sell as many as I could make.

So, your Grandpa, your dad and I gathered as many boughs as we could and I made wreaths out of all the boughs we could find.  Your dad was able to sell these wreaths as fast as I made them, and he sold every single one - we didn't even have a wreath on our own door that year (of 1934)."

We hope you and your fundraising organization (boy scouts, girls scouts, church youth group, high school marching band, and every other fundraising group) will be as successful as my dad in your wreath selling adventures! 

John Mickman

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fundraising Hints: Organizing your Fundraiser - Mickman Brother Christmas Wreath Fundraiser

As the Fundraising Chaiperson, everyone will be looking to you to come up with an organized, well-thought out fundraiser that will run as smooth as possible.  And with a little planning and effort, this is completely the case!

First, set your fundraising goal.  What kind of funds do you need and what are the funds being used for?  Are your boy scouts trying to save up to attend the next National Scout Jamboree?  Does your Swim Team or Hockey Team need extra funds for gear, traveling, or practice time?  Maybe your Church Youth Group really wants to plan a Missions Trip?  Set your goal.  Stick to your goal.  And let your group know what they're working toward.  The reward is all the motivation they need!

Second, sell to meet your goal.  Sounds simple.  It is simple!  How many items does each organization member need to sell for everyone to reach that goal you have set?  Let your group members know what their individual goal is, and most importantly, make it achievable.  Maybe you need to have more than one fundraiser to meet your goal.  That works too!  Just make your efforts attainable or your group members may get discouraged.  Fundraising should be FUN!

Third, set your timeline.  Get your members excited about their goal, let them know how to attain their goal and keep them all enthusiastic for a two to three week window of time.  Short and simple!  The excitement can fade pretty fast, so keep your fundraiser going, get it done and celebrate when your group reaches their goal!

Congratulations!  Your (boy scout, hockey player, church group, etc.) has the means to do a little something extra special this year!  What an achievement!

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Contributed by Sara Laning