Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fundraising Tip: Enlist the support of your Church Community!

Church Community Fundraising Ideas

Many Fundraising Groups have achieved success by enlisting the support of their Church Communities to help fund their activities. This is particularly true if your group is directly affiliated with a church, or if your group is sponsored by a church. However, even if your group isn’t, the Fundraising Committee can ask for the support of their own churches to assist your organization in achieving its fundraising goals. 

Sample Wreath
The Victorian Wreath
A Sample Wreath is one of the best ways to obtain sales—and is available at NO CHARGE. If your congregation has a time after Sunday services when coffee and donuts are served, this is a great time to display the sample and take orders. The fragrance of the Balsam Fir, the full rich look of the Wreath, and the texture of our highest quality Bows—all make these products easy to sell. Keep in mind that you are offering a delivered product that most people would like to have, at a price that is less than retail PLUS they are supporting your group. Who could resist! 

The Poster
The Fundraising Poster is an excellent way to announce to members of your congregation that you are having a Fundraiser. Be sure to highlight on the Poster how to place orders and the Sunday date of pick-up 

Other Church Groups
One of the best ways to enlist the support of your congregation is to seek the advice of your Pastor. As the leader of your Church Community, they will be able to guide you on the best ways to promote your Christmas Wreath Fundraiser. There are probably other groups such as the Men’s Club or Choir Group that would welcome the chance to purchase a Christmas Wreath to support the activities of your group.  Remember, the Wreath is a traditional symbol of friendship and hospitality. What a wonderful way to promote fellowship within your Church Community! 

Christmas Gifts
During the sale after Sunday Services, be sure to offer Holiday Gift Products (HGP) to the members of your Congregation. What a perfect Christmas Gift, at a reasonable cost, for the family and friends of your congregants!  To facilitate the sale of HGPs to your Congregation, make sure you have HGP Order Forms available for them to complete. Remember that when you sell a Holiday Gift Wreath, you don’t have to worry about distribution of the product—Mickman Brothers will send the Product along with the personalized Christmas Card directly from our ‘Wreath Shop’ via FedEx. 

Ease of Distribution 
Distribution of Wreaths using our Traditional Program to members of a Church Congregation is extremely easy. Because the congregation meets every Sunday for Services, you can have your customers pick up and pay for their orders at the end of the Service – just in time for Holiday Decorating! (Be sure to choose just one Sunday for Wreath Distribution.)

Note: If you are planning on distributing the wreaths on a particular Sunday after Services, please mention this to your Mickman Brothers Holiday Fundraiser Customer Service Rep so we can schedule your shipment accordingly. 

Mickman Brothers Holiday Fundraiser
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  1. Is there a link to request a FREE sample wreath?

  2. you have to email your acct rep or call them