Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fundraising Hints: Finding Volunteers - Mickman Brothers Wreath Fundraiser

You've volunteered to be your Fundraising Chairperson.  You may have even chosen the Fundraiser your Organization wants to do.  Can you handle the entire fundraiser by yourself?  Will anyone be able to help you?  What's the best way to get other parents or organization members to help out? 

Let all volunteers know that they can job-share.  One person can do a good job, but two people can do a fantastic job!  This can encourage those volunteers with a limited time schedule to sign up.  Knowing they can share their responsibilities with another individual will ease their concerns.  However, be sure to keep both volunteers on task and make sure they're communicating amongst each other to keep your timeline running smoothly. 

Organized Fundraisers can draw more volunteers as well.  Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly update emails and/or meetings are crucial to keep all volunteers up to date on important deadlines and more importantly, lets them know how the fundraiser is progressing.  Are your organization members reaching the fundraising goal?  Do you need a meeting to motivate your boy scouts, church members, or other organizational members?  Keeping everyone up to date on how your Fundraiser is progressing keeps them on task and makes it easier for your volunteers to know what's expected of them.

Personally ask volunteer candidates if they can help.  This sounds simple and straight-forward, but it's often overlooked because the Chairperson doesn't want to 'bother' anyone.  When you can speak face-to-face with boy scout or marching band parents, church members, coaching staff or other volunteer candidates, you can answer their questions and show them what this Organization is all about!  Enthusiasm is contagious!

Now you've gathered up your volunteers.  What next?  How do you get your fundraiser organized?  What kind of goals do you set?  Is there a timeline you need to follow?  Right now is the perfect time to gather information and choose your Fall Fundraiser.  It's never too early to get your scouts, cheerleaders, hockey players, youth groups and any other Organization ready to go!

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Contributed by Sara Laning

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