Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fundraising Hints: Organizing your Fundraiser - Mickman Brother Christmas Wreath Fundraiser

As the Fundraising Chaiperson, everyone will be looking to you to come up with an organized, well-thought out fundraiser that will run as smooth as possible.  And with a little planning and effort, this is completely the case!

First, set your fundraising goal.  What kind of funds do you need and what are the funds being used for?  Are your boy scouts trying to save up to attend the next National Scout Jamboree?  Does your Swim Team or Hockey Team need extra funds for gear, traveling, or practice time?  Maybe your Church Youth Group really wants to plan a Missions Trip?  Set your goal.  Stick to your goal.  And let your group know what they're working toward.  The reward is all the motivation they need!

Second, sell to meet your goal.  Sounds simple.  It is simple!  How many items does each organization member need to sell for everyone to reach that goal you have set?  Let your group members know what their individual goal is, and most importantly, make it achievable.  Maybe you need to have more than one fundraiser to meet your goal.  That works too!  Just make your efforts attainable or your group members may get discouraged.  Fundraising should be FUN!

Third, set your timeline.  Get your members excited about their goal, let them know how to attain their goal and keep them all enthusiastic for a two to three week window of time.  Short and simple!  The excitement can fade pretty fast, so keep your fundraiser going, get it done and celebrate when your group reaches their goal!

Congratulations!  Your (boy scout, hockey player, church group, etc.) has the means to do a little something extra special this year!  What an achievement!

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Contributed by Sara Laning

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