Thursday, August 25, 2011

2011 Group Spotlight Winner - New York Cub Scout Pack - Holiday Fundraiser

Congratulations to our 2011 Group Spotlight Winner, New York Cub Scout Pack 173!

Testimonial submitted by Regina M, chairperson of Cub Scout Pack 173:
"Dear Mickman Brothers,

Pack 173 has been associated with Mickman Brothers for the past 3 years.  We read your advertisment in the Scouting magazine and were instantly taken with your affinity for Scouting Organizations.  In the fall of 2008, we contacted you and began working with Susan, one of your account managers, who is just delightful.  Right from the beginning, she explained the easiness of working with you, the sample products, explained the types of programs, and was available for any questions we may have had. 

Our first year we kept it small and made a profit of $700.  The second year, we advertised more aggressively and doubled our profit - $1500!  But it was the return customers, that were actually looking for us as early as September, that was amazing.  This past year, with as many repeat customers and more exposure, we made approximately $2300 profit! 

Pack 173 at a fundraising event!
There is no denying that your wreaths are beautiful and many customers tell us they still have their wreaths up until the beginning of March and they look as great as the day they got them!  The cub scouts and leaders are out there in October selling the wreaths at masses, using your beautiful sample wreaths, in addition to packback meetings at the school and setting up a table at our school/parish craft fair.

On the day of distributions, as you can well imagine, it's all hands on deck and this had now become our largest fundraiser for the Pack.  Additionally, we referred your products to another school in the area who on their first year beat our best year's profits!

With this money (made from the Holiday Fundraiser), our dens are able to fund many activities for our cub scouts - from crafts to trips and a year end carnival!  We so appreciate our relationship with Mickman Brothers and are looking forward to another successful year! 

Regina M
Boy Scouts of America Pack 173"

Thank you, Regina and Cub Scout Pack 173, for choosing Mickman Brothers Holiday Wreath Fundraiser for the past 3 years!  We wish you continued success and look forward to working with you during the upcoming fundraising season!

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  1. Congratulations scouts. Best to you this year.

    Troop 767
    Scotchtown, VA.