Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fundraising Step 3 - Mickman Brothers Holiday Fundraiser

Schedule Selling and Update Meetings

Selling Meeting Highlights:
  • Track the progress towards your Fundraising Goal using the Fundraising Tally Spreadsheet
  • Answer any questions and provide selling tips
  • Check the status of member's orders.
  • Complete the Guesstimate Form located under Tab 2 in your binder prior to the Final Sales week.  The Guesstimate Form will also be available on the Holiday Fundraiser website starting October 17th, click on Customer Login to find the Guesstimate Form.
  • Plan your Final Order Meeting - this should be before November 1st (when Final Orders are due).
A complete description is available on Page 5 of the Fundraising Guide.  Have frequent meetings to discuss and ensure your Group's goals are met.

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