Thursday, October 20, 2011

How many of you have a mother? - Mickman Brothers Holiday Fundraiser

We’re now in the ‘ramping up’ stage for Wreath Production; each day another part of the operation begins as we train the returning employees from last year and new recruits to each respective part of the operation. Many of us have been working on this year's season for months. Hundreds of thousands of bows need to be tied and millions of jingle-bells need to be wired onto the pine cones. And, don't forget about painting the Classic pine cones. Now there's a job. If you needed to white-tip paint hundreds of thousands pine cones, how would you do it? We've had to improvise all sorts of creative solutions for quality crafting large quantities of wreaths, sprays and centerpieces for prompt delivery, and we all take great pride in our work.
Victorian Wreath, pictured with lights

Every Friday during the season is 'Donut Day'. While each staff member enjoys a well earned donut, I give the latest news, review safety guidelines, recognize some workers for outstanding performance, etc. A number of times during Donut Day Fridays I drive the point of quality craftsmanship home in a number of ways. My favorite is: "How many of you 'all have a mother?" After asking this question, one at a time the hands go up, but invariably, one or two don't raise a hand. So I ask them, "Do you mean that somehow you got here without having a mother???" Everyone giggles, and then I drive the point home: "OK, each day you all are going to see thousands of wreaths being fashioned. If you are working on a wreath that you wouldn't want to display on your mother's front door, that is a reject. Try again, because every single wreath is going to go on someone's mother's front door." They all get the point, and after break they go back to their jobs with a renewed sense of pride in their work. It is a good feeling.
Patented Packaging

My brother Chris and I, along with some very creative teammates, have devised many clever 'inventions' such as our 'patented' shipping container.  Dozens of small enhancements add up to the highest quality wreaths in the marketplace - something our staff is extremely proud of. Here is a comment forwarded to me from one of our marvelous Customer Service Reps:

"I spoke with a woman today that has been with (a competitor) for her group's past wreath fundraisers. I asked her why their group chose Mickman Brothers this year, and she said that their wreaths had come from their previous supplier all crushed every year, and she spent more time fixing up the wreaths than selling them. She is very excited to be with Mickman Brothers this year and loved our website. She is also happy that we take getting the wreaths to our customers in great condition so seriously! Thought I would pass this on to you."

All of us at Mickman Brothers are excited about this Wreath Season; we hope you and your Fundraising Organization are too! 

John S Mickman

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