Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fundraising Testimonial - High School Gymnastics Team - Wreath Fundraiser

Testimonial submitted by Christy L. of the St Francis Gymnastics Team:

"Flipping Out over Mickman's Fundraiser:

St Francis High School Gymnastics Team
The St Francis High School Gymnastics Team has been selling wreaths through the Mickman's Wreath Fundraiser for over 11 years!  The Mickman's Fundraiser has been the biggest and most important fundraiser for the SFHS Gymnastics Team over the years and is of great importance to the team primarily because it helps to cover the cost of important assistant coaches fees which must be covered by the team and the team's booster club.  The two assistant coaches are critical to the team for two reasons: providing support for safety is a huge component to the sport of gymnastics; in addition they assist the head coach by providing additional coaching.  That ability to provide quality coaching has helped this team to achieve the status of North Suburban Conference Champs six years in a row!  The fundraiser also has helped to provide funding for new leotards for the team.

Working with Mickman's could not be easier!  The fundraiser packets and fundraiser tools and spreadsheets are easy to use and easily accessible by mail or on their website.  We have a customer service representative assigned to our group which ensures we receive special attention and understanding of our order, and the free delivery to our designated distribution site is an amazing service provided by Mickmans!

In addition, for two years now - a local business has used the wreath fundraising program for Christmas gifts to their customers.  Their main customers are Pheasants Forever, National Wild Turkey Federation, Ruffed Grouse Society, Ducks Unlimited, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Delta Waterfowl and more.  These customers are very 'green' friendly and conservation oriented.  They really enjoy the 'Plant a Tree' program set up by this fundraising program.  The corporate offices of these previously mentioned organizations proudly have their wreaths decorating their spaces and giving a refreshing pine scent.

The Mickman's Fundraiser provides our SFHS Gymnastics Team with a way in which to raise important funds for our team, through an organization that provides a quality product that customer love to receive, with great environmentally friendly features!  It has been, and will continue to be a great fundraising option for our team!"

Congratulations to the St Francis Gymnastics Team on your past accomplishments!  We wish you continued success in all of your fundraising efforts!

Mickman Brothers Holiday Fundraiser

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