Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fundraising Step 1 - Mickman Brothers Holiday Wreath Fundraiser

If your Fundraising Organization has signed up for our Holiday Fundraiser you may be wondering "Now what?"  Schedule a Fundraising Committee Planning Meeting for your boy scout troop, high school marching band, church youth group, hockey team, or other fundraising group.

Meeting Agenda Guide:
  • Determine Group Goals: What is your goal? The Fundraising Tally Spreadsheet is an excellent tool in determining how to attain your goal.
  • Determine Selling Prices for Each Product: We recommend a profit of $5-$7 per item (make sure you have included shipping costs and bag costs as well).
  • Determine Additional Sales Tools and Accessories Needed: Do you need Door Hanger Notices or Posters?
  • Create Sales Packets: Help your members get organized! Have your committee members fill out all the pertinent information on your: Sales Aids; Holiday Gift Order Forms; Tip Sheets; Fundraising Envelopes; Door Hanger Notices; and any other Sales Tool as it applies to the brochure you are using.
  • Distribution & Delivery Address for your Shipment: Where will it be convenient for your members to pick up their orders?
  • Determine Meeting Dates and Other Major Dates: Fill this information in on Page 2 of your Fundraising Guide located in Tab 1 of your Holiday Fundraising Organizer. This information should also be included on the 'Fundraising Tip Sheet' calendar.

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