Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fundraising Tip #1 - Mickman Brothers Holiday Fundraiser

Schedule a Fundraising Event!

Promote your boy scout troop, high school marching band, christian youth group, or other fundraising organization by organizing a Fundraising Event!  Contact your Customer Service Rep to request a Sample Wreath for your event and watch your sales soar sky high!  800.446.4229

Church Services:
  • Weekly Announcements & Bulletins are a fantastic way to advertise your sale!
  • Take advantage of the coffee and refreshments area; set up your Holiday Wreath order form there!
  • Use a Sample Wreath so customers can see what they're buying.  The quality of our products from the pine cones to the ribbon is the best in the industry!
  • Distribution to your Church customers will be a breeze since they will all be there every Sunday!
School Events:
  • Choose one or two events to sell at, sporting events always draw a good crowd!  You can have your customers come back on your scheduled distribution day to pick up their wreaths or offer to deliver them to their residence.
  • Set up your Holiday Wreath order form near the entrance so everyone will see you!
  • Use a Sample Wreath to display during your sale.
The following are great ideas for our Holiday Gift Product Program.  Just have your customers fill out the Holiday Gift Order Form, sign the card and submit their payment.  You mail the forms along with payment and we do the rest!  This will eliminate Delivery to out-of-the-way addresses.

Community Businesses:
  • Ask your local businesses (grocery store, cafe, bank, etc.) for permission to set up an area to take orders for your Holiday Fundraiser.  
  • Use a Sample Wreath to display!  This is a superb selling tool!
Other Location Ideas:
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • School Plays
  • Fall Harvest Festivals
  • Halloween Parades and Events

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