Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fundraising Step 2 - Mickman Brothers Wreath Fundraiser

Plan your FUN-draiser Kick-Off Meeting!

Invite the Fundraising Committee and all of your members to the Kick-Off Meeting.  Call and email everyone so they can be sure to attend!  This is a really important step for your boy scout troop, cub scout pack, high school marching band, church youth group, hockey or any other Fundraising Organization!

Meeting Agenda:
  • Remind everyone WHY: you are doing the Fundraiser.  Motivate them to sell!
  • Explain the Fundraising Programs: Use your Program for Success (located in the folder you first received) as a guide.
  • Discuss the Sales Incentives: Get your members pumped-up about their Fundraiser!  Are you giving out awards or medallions to top sellers?
  • Product Knowledge: Review your Sales Aids and explain the products, their prices and delivery.
  • Explain the Goals (or set them).
  • Distribute the Fundraising Tip Sheet: Have your members fill out their 'Customer List' and get everyone started selling.  Review the Schedule of Events Calendar.
  • "Role Playing" of an actual sale: Practice what you'll say to your customers.
  • Share your tips: Have previous top sellers discuss what made them successful.
  • TIP: Encourage your members to get their Customer's email address.  This will be useful for announcing Delivery Dates and for next year's Holiday Fundraiser!

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