Thursday, September 22, 2011

Misplaced Medallion - Mickman Brothers Holiday Fundraiser

The following letter was sent to me a few seasons ago by a young Cub Scout after their very successful Holiday Wreath Fundraiser had concluded.  The publication, and my response, was agreed to by Daniel and his parents.

My letter back to Daniel:

"Dear Daniel,

Thank you for taking the time to write to me.  I am so sorry that your medal was lost - and lost on the special awards evening.  I can just imagine how sad you were.  As you see, I have been able to replace your Gold Medal which is enclosed.

It is a great honor for me to make this medal replacement to a person that has worked so hard to achieve this level of excellence.  When I was your age, I too was a Scout that sold Christmas Wreaths, and I remember how much work it was.  To sell 54 items is a feat achieved by few.

It is unlikely that you will be selling Wreaths when you are an adult.  However, the same focus, hard work, planning and execution it takes to sell wreaths are all character traits of a leader and a successful person.  When you choose your future career(s) please remember to choose something that you enjoy doing.  When you are doing something you enjoy, it is not called work; it is called living a successful life - no matter how much money you have.

Congratulations, Daniel.  I wish all good things for you in the future."

NOTE: An Awards Recognition Ceremony is a great way to reward your members for the hard work they did for their Holiday Wreath Fundraiser.  Establish an Awards Program based on unit sales and you'll create an opportunity to win.  Recognize your members and they'll respond with their best efforts. 

John Mickman

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